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Step by Step Instructions on How to Deal with that First Call from an Unlicensed or Fake Collection Agency

 Part One

  1.  A voice message left without name of the company mentioned is recorded message.
  2. Try to locate a name associated with the telephone number by performing a search for the number online.  Try Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine.
  3. If a name, address, website, email address is found to be associated with this number save the contact information.
  4. Search your state government website which licenses collection agencies or any business.  Try to locate the business on the government website to see if the agency is licensed in your state as a business.
  5. If unable to locate the business they company could possibly be unlicensed or a fake collection agency.  Contact your state governing agency to find out if the agency that left the voice message is required to be licensed in your state.
  6. If the collection agency is required to be licensed and is found to be unlicensed, keep this in mind when you speak with them.
  7. Call the agency back and provide any reference numbers they may have left on the voice message.
  8. First verify who the original lender is or which creditor they are attempting to collect a debt for.
  9. If you are familiar with the original lender and received a payday loan from the original lender request a debt validation letter in writing.
  10. If the collection agency refuses to send a debt validation letter and provide the name of the original lender, let them know there will be no further discussion of any alleged debt until the debt validation letter is received.  The debt validation letter must be in writing.
  11. If the agency has not agreed to send you a debt validation letter ask them to stop calling you and going forward that you will only communicate with them in writing.
  12. I wait for the 2nd call where I speak with an unlicensed or fake collection agency representative advising them that I don’t intend to give them any money and to stop contacting me, before I send a cease and desist letter by email if I have a valid email address followed by a mailed U.S. Postal Service certified mail return receipt requested copy.  Click here for an example.  So far, the cease and desist letters have been effective with collection agencies I have email and/or postal mailed.  If the agency representative is making illegal threats document each threat and advice them that you plan to file a complaint with your state attorney general.
  13. If they call again, send them straight to voice mail if your cell phone has a reject list that you can add them to.  There are good call blocking apps for cell phones and I have effectively used the free app called Call Control.  It will send 800, unknown, private or blocked numbers to voice mail and it will answer hang up on 800 numbers.  I preferred the straight to voice mail option, because this allowed me to document each call time, date, and calling party.  It worked effectively for me for 3 weeks then I uninstalled it, because the calls tremously slowed.  IYou only want to use it temporarily after you have spoken with unlicensed or fake collection agencies and you have communicated that you no longer want to speak with their agency.  Stay off the phone with them. Read More →

Sample Letters

Provided for informational purposes only to help readers generate letter writing ideas.


I.  Sample cease and desist letter for fake or illegal collection agency

Sample letter:  Cease & Desist

[Insert collection agency name]


City, State Zip Code



Re:  Acct# [Insert account number]


Dear [Insert collection agency name] Mgr/Owner:

I am contacting you in reference to a [insert original lender’s name] account with the above reference number.  I am demanding that [insert collection agency name] and its representatives cease and desist all contact with me, and anyone associated with me, including friends, family, and employer-coworkers regarding a [insert original lender’s name] acount.

I do not owe this debt, because [insert reason for not owing, ex. online pay day and installment loans are prohibited in my state by unlicensed lenders].  As a result, you are trying to enforce collection on an invalid debt and all past payments made to [insert original lender’s name] will be considered as account paid in full.

Any email communications or future harassing voice messages or calls from representatives affiliated with or on behalf of [insert collection agency name] received at my employer or personal phone in regards to this illegal alleged debt, will be taken as a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.  Consequently, a complaint against your company will be filed with [insert your state Attorney General, collection agency’s state state Attorney General, and FTC.  In addition, I will take legal action against you for harassment if the calls do not stop.  I have maintained accurate logs of all of the voice messages and phone conversations with your company representatives.

You have permission to contact me once via writing to inform me that you are going cease communication attempts with me, my employer, or anyone affiliated with me.



[Insert your name]

[Insert your telephone number]


*This letter must be mailed U.S. Postal Service certified mail return receipt requested copy.*



II.   ACH Revocation Sample Letter for Illegal Online Payday Loan Read More →