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Step by Step Instructions on How to Deal with that First Call from an Unlicensed or Fake Collection Agency

 Part One

  1.  A voice message left without name of the company mentioned is recorded message.
  2. Try to locate a name associated with the telephone number by performing a search for the number online.  Try Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine.
  3. If a name, address, website, email address is found to be associated with this number save the contact information.
  4. Search your state government website which licenses collection agencies or any business.  Try to locate the business on the government website to see if the agency is licensed in your state as a business.
  5. If unable to locate the business the company could possibly be unlicensed or a fake collection agency.  Contact your state governing agency to find out if the agency that left the voice message is required to be licensed in your state.
  6. If the collection agency is required to be licensed and is found to be unlicensed, keep this in mind when you speak with them.
  7. Call the agency back and provide any reference numbers they may have left on the voice message.
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Sample Letters

Provided for informational purposes only to help readers generate letter writing ideas.

I.  Sample cease and desist letter for fake or illegal collection agency

Sample letter:  Cease & Desist

[Insert collection agency name]


City, State Zip Code



Re:  Acct# [Insert account number]


Dear [Insert collection agency name] Mgr/Owner:

I am contacting you in reference to a [insert original lender’s name] account with the above reference number.  I am demanding that [insert collection agency name] and its representatives cease and desist all contact with me, and anyone associated with me, including friends, family, and employer-coworkers regarding a [insert original lender’s name] acount.

I do not owe this debt, because [insert reason for not owing, ex. online pay day and installment loans are prohibited in my state by unlicensed lenders].  As a result, you are trying to enforce collection on an invalid debt and all past payments made to [insert original lender’s name] will be considered as account paid in full.
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